The discussion of the doctoral thesis for the researcher Noor Hamza

The discussion of the doctoral thesis titled (the Federal Financial Control over the work of the regions and the governorates not organized in province) presented by the researcher Noor Hamza Husein.
The discussion was made on the Grand Hall of the Conferences in Al Nahrain College of Law on Sunday 14/ 6/ 2015.
The thesis aimed at transforming the Iraqi State after 2003 from simple state into compounded state and then there would be changes in the political, legal, administrational and financial form of the state especially in the subject of the general budget of the state that has become the core of conflicts between the Federal Government and here comes the role of the Federal Financial Control with all its institutions that are determined by the applicable Iraqi Constitution in the aim of fighting the administrational and financial corruption of the state.
The discussion committee consisted of:
1- Professor Dr. Awadh Fadel Ismael (chairman).
2-Professor Dr. Ali Hadi Attiya (member).
3-Professor Dr. Ammar Tareq Abdul Azeez (member).
4-Assistant Professor Dr. Thulfiqar Ali Resen (member).
5-Assistant Professor Dr. Othman Salman Gailan (member).
6-Assistant Prof. Mohammed Oloum Muhammed Ali (member and supervisor).
The committee has decided to postpone the approval of the degree after makking the amendments.

Published on 29 June 2015