Discusion of master thesis for the researcher Salah Mahdii Sameen

  Discusion of master thesis for the  researcher Salah Mahdii Sameen tagged entitled ((Beginning and end of the finance privileges of diplomatic and consular missions
)) at the College of Law,Al-Nahrain  University at  Tusday 23/6/2015.

The thesis is aimed statement when they enjoy diplomatic envoy and consular financial privileges begins when issued his order this task the fact that the domestic laws of some countries do not refer to the time to enjoy them, as well as the end of the enjoyment of a diplomatic agent and Consular these privileges and the extent of matching domestic laws of the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic and Consular Relations for the years (1961 and 1963) .

With respect to financial privileges granted to these people.

The committee consisted of the following:
1- Professor Dr. Haider Adham AbdulHadii(chairman).
2- Dr.Sanaa Mohemmed Sadkhan (member)
3-Professor Dr. Ammar Tariq Abdulaziz(member).

Assistant Professor Dr.Maha Mohemmed Ayub(member and supervisor)

After the discussion made by the committee, the thesis was approved as  it is.

Published on 29 June 2015