Discusion of doctorate thesis for the researcher Ayat Salman Shuhaib

Discusion of doctorate thesis for the  researcher Ayat Salman Shuhaib tagged entitled ((The role of

minorities in the governance of Iraq, according to the 2005 Constitution)) at the College of Law,Al-Nahrain  University

of  Wendsday 16/6/2015.

The committee consisted of the following:
1- Professor Dr. Rafia Khudher Shubber(chairman).
2-Prof. Dr. Ali Hady Atiyah (member)
3-Professor Dr. Ammar Tariq Abdulaziz(member).
4- Assistant Professor Dr. Kadhim Abbass Al-Janabii(member
5- Assistant Professor Dr. Aref Salih Mukhlif(member

Assistant Professor Dr.Saub Najii Abbud(member and supervisor)



After the discussion made by the committee, the thesis was approved and it achieved the grade of (very good).

Published on 29 June 2015