Discusion of doctorate thesis for the researcher Nibrass Ibrahim Muslem

                    Discusion of doctorate thesis for the  researcher Nibrass Ibrahim Muslem tagged entitled ((responsibility to protect in international law)) at the College of Law,Al-Nahrain  University

of  Thursday 06/25/2015.

The committee consisted of the following:
1- Professor Dr. Abd Ali Mohammed Suwady(chairman).
2-Assistant prof. Dr. Hady Naeem Al- Maliky(member)
3-Assistant Professor Dr. Maha Mohammed Ayub(member).
4- Assistant Professor Dr. Bushra Salman Al-Aubaidy(member

Assistant Professor Dr.Salam Muneem Mishaal(member and supervisor)

After the discussion made by the committee, the thesis was approved and it achieved the grade of (very good).

Thesis shed light on Mbdoalmsaolah protect the civilian population from war crimes and crimes against humanity, genocide and ethnic cleansing in the case of the inability of the state concerned to provide such protection Ovetih principle for the international community to intervene to provide such protection if Matovrt conditions.

Published on 29 June 2015