About College

Our vision

The development in science and technology has led to review the perception of law in general and in studying it in particular. Therefore, this require to revise the curriculums and its contents. This will be accomplished according to the national and international standards. The college is aiming in the foreseen future to implement sold standards for the curriculums and its contents as well as the methods in exam marking and testing the students in 

the undergraduate level as this will be the first phase forward.

Our message

The college of law at the Al-Nahrain university is one of the well established institutions that provides law graduates who contribute to fulfil the need of many institutions, such as the judiciary, government departments and the private sector. Our graduates are well equipped with professionalism in problem solving according to the national and international law. The college is endeavour to boost the capabilities of its graduates through a variety of workshops and roundtable discussions for both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Moreover, the college has its presence in the society through the legal advisory service to the community

Our Objectives:

The college of law is implementing a strategic plan to achieve objectives that correspond to the university values, such as: 
1- Strengthening the Iraqi community’s confidence in education.
2- Prepare high standards graduates armed with legal knowledge and experience.
3- The ongoing support and enhancement through directing those in charge of developing the activities in all sectors.
4- Establish mutual relationships with other national and international legal establishments to achieve profound knowledge and experience.
5- Develop learning, practice and educational techniques for students and provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills that correspond with the market’s needs.
6- Disseminating of the quality and awareness culture among staff and confirm its necessity in implementing a reform programme. 

7- Focusing on the solid and outstanding researches as they have a unique benefit for the society, and encourage the principle of participation with other civil society organisations that support education and educational institutions.